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Garages/Commercial Kitchens

Full Broadcast with Cove Base


A great option for areas that require a lot of cleaning, such as commercial kitchens, bathrooms and veterinarian areas is an epoxy/quartz system with an integral cove base. The custom blended colored quartz gives the floor an attractive look and just the right amount of slip resistance for a surface that has to stand up to a lot of abuse.

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Full Broadcast


For areas that don’t require the integral cove base, an epoxy system with a full broadcast of custom blended PVA chips or colored quartz gives a durable and attractive surface. Chips come in 2 sizes and will have a little smoother surface than the quartz, but still offer good slip resistance and easy maintenance. Great for garages, show rooms, lobbies and game rooms.

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Showroom designed by Perper Design, Summerfield, NC.

Solid Color with Random Broadcast


A popular choice for garages and other areas is applying a solid color epoxy, adding scattered chips and a polyurethane top coat. The 2 coat system is tough but economical. An additional coat of epoxy can be added to the system to give it a smoother, richer look. The custom blended chips help hide dirt and marks and add a decorative element.

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Solid Color


Solid color epoxies, polyurethanes and sealers offer a clean look with easy maintenance. Lighter colors increase light reflectivity and brighten up spaces. Sand and other materials may be added for slip resistance and logos, emblems and scores add a decorative element.

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Stain or Clear Coat


Some garages pull double duty and offer extended man cave or party spaces as well as housing cars. A stained floor or just clear coated floor serves this multipurpose use very well.

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