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Repair damaged industrial floors and joints with little downtime. We use high-performance materials to give you maximum durability with minimum invasiveness.

Warehouse and industrial floors degrade through years of extreme use by forklift and heavy truck traffic. Joints break down and repetitive traffic wears tracks in the floor's surface, exposing the aggregate. The rough worn surfaces damage lift equipment, hinder efficiency and may pose tripping hazards. We evaluate each repair based on the extent of the damage, the chemical and physical causes, and the amount of time you can afford to keep traffic off the repair. We determine the best plan of action. We leave as much of your solid concrete as possible.

We replace the damaged concrete with materials that range from 6,000 up to 13,500 PSI, depending on your needs. If necessary, we use state of the art materials to get your traffic back on the repair in a matter of hours.

Our products chemically and physically interact with the concrete surface, resulting in a dramatic increase in adhesion, compressive strength and chemical resistance. We use products specifically designed to repair expansion joint edges, control joints and sealants, spalled or damaged areas in warehouse floors and exterior surfaces that have been damaged by salts, weather or just poorly finished. Depending on the intended use of the area, we can apply a decorative coating over the repair and surrounding surface.

Create impressive entries and dramatic showrooms.

Concrete Surface Alternatives, LLC, can create almost any look or texture you want with commercial decorative overlays, stains, stamped concrete, colored sealers, or epoxy and chip floor systems. Whether it's repairing and resurfacing your existing concrete, adding a dramatic surface to your interior concrete floor, or just giving a fresh new look to your discolored or mismatched concrete, we have the options you need. If safety is an issue, we can apply skid resistant surfaces to your floors. With our products, you're not just getting patched concrete, you're getting enhanced surfaces that are more durable and easy to clean than normal concrete.

Please take a look at some of our repairs, decorative concrete and epoxy coatings, or click here to request information or a free estimate.